Editing SharePoint Tasks with MS Project

So I have a client who wants to use SharePoint for about everything, including “project management.”  Now, these aren’t enterprise projects, but SharePoint could still handle them. So let’s quickly cruise thru how you can edit your SharePoint tasks list in MS Project.

So go to the task list and show the ribbon, and click “Open Schedule.”

MS Project will open on the computer. Unfortunately, you’ll get a new project which is blank, and you’ll get your SharePoint tasks list in another project. If you have no tasks in your SP List, then it’ll be hard to distinguish which one is the real mccoy. If you have some tasks in your list, it should be pretty obvious.

I’ll start with a blank list and edit in my task information.

Finished task information.

Now sync your project back to SharePoint. You’ll find this icon in backstage (the colored File tab).

Note: On occaision, I have seen this error. When this happens, there is an issue with syncing up the the assigned to column. I click ok, go to the SharePoint list, and assign a task to each person manually. Afterwards, syncing again will sync up all tasks.

Now go refresh your SharePoint task list. In my case, I only see folders! What the heck!! As it turns out, SharePoint will keep your tasks grouped. That’s pretty cool. “But I hate folders!” you say. That’s okay. Here it’s good. We’ll adjust the view and get rid of the folders.


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