Why WPF makes sense using the ClientOM where SilverLight might not

First off, I’m not jumping to conculsions. Sometimes WPF will make more sense that SilverLight.

While WPF can run on the server and use the SharePoint DLLs and full OM, it can also be delivered to the desktop. Desktop WPF apps cannot use the SharePoint DLLs. Thus, bring in the SharePoint Client Object Model. So, you can have Silverlight pretty, but WinForms functionality, all in one.

So here are some advantages of using a WPF client.

  • It’s synchronous programming
  • No cross site scripting (XSS) issues

So how about a quick example?

Here’s the xaml

Here’s the most basic code. Notice how much less code there is in the WPF example than in the Silverlight example!

Here’s the output on my sample site


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4 responses to “Why WPF makes sense using the ClientOM where SilverLight might not”

  1. bharath says :


    I am looking for a way to get ‘file.ListItemAllFields’ for each FileVersion. like example:

    foreach(FileVersion _version in versions)
    file File = site.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(version.url);
    ListItem currentItem = file.ListItemAllFields


    Above sample doesnt work, but is there any way to get ListItemAllFields for each versions ?

  2. bharath says :

    thanks for your reply. But i am searching the same thing in Client Object Model.
    Even though COM has a FileVersion class it doesnt contain any method like properties i.e FileVersion.Properties or FileVersion.File to get the file version properties. i am looking something like this, is it possible in COM?

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