Diagnostic Logging, Part I – The basics of diagnostic logging in SharePoint 2010

Diagnostic Logging, Part I

I just had to set some diagnostic logging in SP 2007 today. Ugh, what a pain. There is no long list to show me all the current values. There is no easy way to see what is a default value and what is custom. And there is no easy way to set it back. Thankfully SharePoint 2010 is much easier. Before I dig in deep, I just wanted to do a “basics” post first.

The basics of diagnostic logging. 

These three screens show the event throttling.

 Notice that I’ve set the Secure Store to verbose. Since that is not the default, it is bolded.

 Instead of needed to know what it was before, you can just Reset to default.

And since all properties with Secure Store Service are defaults, the grouping is no longer bolded.



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