Recap of SharePoint Saturday Houston

SharePoint Saturday Houston was May 1. I’ve been pulling my thoughts together for a couple of weeks now.  I want to evaluate each aspect of the event in highlight. I am not going to discuss each bullet point on a blog. If you have questions or varying opinions, I’d sure love to hear them in the comments.

Let’s begin with facilities. The Norris Center is an awesome facility for a conference this size.

  • It has 5 rooms for tracks, each holding 50 to 100 people
  • It has an enormous lunch room
  • It is well run
  • They had great food and plenty of it: snacks, excellent lunch, and refreshments in every room all day

The quality of speakers was remarkable. 

  • I’m not going to name any names. 🙂
  • We had a good balance of local representatives and people from around the region, and a few from each coast
  • We had great topics with people who are considered some of the experts in their fields
  • We had general, case study, architecture, administration, and developer’s covered

The schedule.

  • Here’s where I fess up. I was part of the committee who decided to have tracks go until 6pm. That was a mistake.
  • We would have been better off with one less time slot and a little longer presentation sessions.
  • Nonetheless, the session content was great, we had plenty of time to sit down and eat, and we still had time to give away the swag!

Supporters (Vendors)

  • The vendors were awesome.  They contributed the funds to make this happen. And from what I heard, they felt it was a good investment.
  • They did a great job of engaging with the guests
  • They did not make you feel obligated to talk to them (SPC, PDC, etc, the vendors were a bit more grabby)
  • I feel like they respected people and valued their time.


  • Volutneers were great.
  • I think we needed just a couple more “runners” if you will.
  • They were helpful and very accomodating.

Overall, this was a great event. I am glad that I was able to be a part of it!

See you at Houston TechFest on October 9, 2010!


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