8 responses to “3 Quick Steps to import a Data Taxonomy into the Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2010”

  1. Matt Jacobs says :

    How do you get the Term Store Management Tool to show up under Site Settings? I can only access it via Central Admin. Is there some site or site collection feature that needs to be activated for the link to show in Site Settings?

  2. davidfrette says :

    The TSMT will only show up for Site Collections within an Web application that is associated with at least one MMS, and you’ll only get to use the MMS’s that are associated with that web app.

    So go into Central Admin and configure your associated service applications w/ web applications. If you need step by step, I can post something.

  3. Matt Jacobs says :

    Thanks for the response. It seems they are associated from looking at ‘Configure service application associations’ in Central Admin, but maybe I am missing something. Steps (or a link to the steps) would be helpful. Thanks again.

  4. davidfrette says :

    Sounds like you have C/A configured right.

    Are you looking at Site Settings page of a Site Collection/Root site?

    If so, it’s under Site Administration at the bottom, Term Store Management.

    Edit: I am checking on the requirements, though. There might be something else.
    Edit2: Oops. Forgot it’s an application page. It should show up under ANY site, not just a Root site.

  5. Matt Jacobs says :

    Nope, I don’t see it under the Site Administration section on any of the sites. Sounds like I should be seeing it though. Not sure what the problem is. Thanks for the help anyway.

  6. Matt Jacobs says :

    I found the solution to my problem.

    Turning off customErrors in the web.config allowed me to see the real errors message when trying to browse to the /layouts/termstoremanager.aspx page from the site.

    The error indicated that the Taxonomy feature (which is not listed on any of the feature pages) was not activated. Once I activated the feature via the command line, I was able to see the Term Store Management link on the site settings page.

  7. Christian Buckley says :

    I *Dislike* how I have to have a WordPress ID to be able to *Like* this post. Great article on the manual effort required to create/import a taxonomy. Boy, someone should automate this, shouldn’t they?

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