Versioning InfoPath Forms

Almost everyone working with InfoPath forms knows that each time they publish a form, it creates a timestamp and a version number for the template. In InfoPath, go to Form Options and you’ll see this dialog:

InfoPath Form Version Dialog

Well, if you need to keep track of the version number for your form, you can make it easy on yourself and others by adding a small field at the bottom of your form. Then in the default value of this field, insert the formula

  = "mso-infoPathSolution"], 'solutionVersion="'), '"')

Formula for Displaying the version number of a form

Here is a simple screenshot that shows the control

InfoPath Form Version Control


And here is what it renders like (screen clipped a lot):

InfoPath version control rendered in InfoPath Forms Services


I hope this helps you keep track of InfoPath forms version numbers. I know it will me.


2 responses to “Versioning InfoPath Forms”

  1. Bilawal Asghar says :

    Good Post 🙂 thanks

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