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SharePoint 2013 training for developers

SharePoint 2013 training for developers


Note: Thanks to Brian Bedard for sending me this link.


SharePoint Server 2013 Download

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SharePoint Server 2013 Download

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SharePoint 2013 Software Requirements

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Downloadable eBook: Deployment guide for SharePoint 2013 Preview

SharePoint 2013 training for developers

Please note: If you’re building a new VM, be sure to check out the requirements. For instance, you’ll need SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1.

And get used to building new machines for your upgrades. The only way to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 is via content database migration. In other words, you need a new 2013 farm. No more in-place upgrades (for those of you who’ve actually done one).

SharePoint 2013 Beta was just announced

If you haven’t already heard, SharePoint 2013 has been announced. If you want to play with it, log on to msdn and download the img file.

I’m looking forward to using the new application deployment model¬†with Windows Azure.

I wonder if MS will have improved upon the Managed Metadata Service. If not, I may just take it upon myself to do so!