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Recap of SharePoint Saturday Houston

SharePoint Saturday Houston was May 1. I’ve been pulling my thoughts together for a couple of weeks now.  I want to evaluate each aspect of the event in highlight. I am not going to discuss each bullet point on a blog. If you have questions or varying opinions, I’d sure love to hear them in the comments.

Let’s begin with facilities. The Norris Center is an awesome facility for a conference this size.

  • It has 5 rooms for tracks, each holding 50 to 100 people
  • It has an enormous lunch room
  • It is well run
  • They had great food and plenty of it: snacks, excellent lunch, and refreshments in every room all day

The quality of speakers was remarkable. 

  • I’m not going to name any names. 🙂
  • We had a good balance of local representatives and people from around the region, and a few from each coast
  • We had great topics with people who are considered some of the experts in their fields
  • We had general, case study, architecture, administration, and developer’s covered

The schedule.

  • Here’s where I fess up. I was part of the committee who decided to have tracks go until 6pm. That was a mistake.
  • We would have been better off with one less time slot and a little longer presentation sessions.
  • Nonetheless, the session content was great, we had plenty of time to sit down and eat, and we still had time to give away the swag!

Supporters (Vendors)

  • The vendors were awesome.  They contributed the funds to make this happen. And from what I heard, they felt it was a good investment.
  • They did a great job of engaging with the guests
  • They did not make you feel obligated to talk to them (SPC, PDC, etc, the vendors were a bit more grabby)
  • I feel like they respected people and valued their time.


  • Volutneers were great.
  • I think we needed just a couple more “runners” if you will.
  • They were helpful and very accomodating.

Overall, this was a great event. I am glad that I was able to be a part of it!

See you at Houston TechFest on October 9, 2010!



Tomorrow I am flying out to Washington, D.C., in order to speak at SharePoint Saturday DC, aka, SPSDC. It should be a fun time. I look forward to presenting on MMS and all the wonderful questions and insights that attendees bring.

If you are going to SPSDC, but sure to say hi.

SPTechDives in Houston

I’m joining a group of SharePoint architects and developers that is aimed at helping the SharePoint developer community dive deeper into SharePoint.  If you are interested in learning more about SharePoint and are in the Houston area, come check it out. If you are a .NET developer, you are welcome, too.

The group meets once a month, and it’s called SPTechDives. Find out more here: Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 16, 2010. We’ll be discussing SP 2010 External Lists and the Secure Store Service. Be sure to sign up at the website

See you there!