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Disable Shutdown Event Tracker

When prepping your development environment, you may wish to disable the Shutdown Event Tracker. It’s this dialog: 

To disable it, simply open up group policy editor by Start > Run > Type gpedit.msc and Enter.
Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.
Find the “Display Shutdown Event Tracker” setting shown below:   

Now select the Disabled box and click OK. 

To apply this new change to the current user session (aka, you don’t have to log off to apply the setting), open a command prompt and type: 

gpupdate /force 


God Mode on Windows 7, Windows 2008

Sometimes hunting thru the Control Panel is a pain. When will we be able to create custom views? Probably not anytime soon. So, let’s look at one way to display a large list of Control Panel items. It’s called God Mode.

Find a place you would commonly use, such as Desktop, C:\, or even a new toolbar on the taskbar. In it, create a new folder and give it the God Mode string:

Here is a God Mode window with a view

Here is where I put God Mode on my machine. It’s on a taskbar toolbar.